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Asset Protection

If you look at the foundation of any sound financial plan you will see asset protection as the cornerstone. It is crucial to be secure in the knowledge that what you already own is protected and sound before you begin to consider growing your assets.

Asset protection can take many forms including the titling of who owns your assets, having appropriate legal documentation, safeguarding your financial assets and appropriate insurance coverages. Some of these concepts are more familiar than others. For example, you would have to look hard to find a homeowner who doesn't have insurance to protect his property and possessions from accident or theft. In fact, banks and mortgage companies make insurance a requirement to financing. But, many people fail to adequately protect their savings and their loved ones against an unexpected death, disability or long-term care need. For most of us, insurance is a complicated product, full of gloom and misunderstanding. Instead, insurance should be considered one of many tools used to protect you from the risks in life.

As one component of our asset protection review, we will examine your coverages in light of your personal and financial situation. In insuring that they meet your personal and business needs we will consider factors such as your age, health, family responsibilities and your other assets. Then, we will provide you with clear, concise explanations and advice necessary to make prudent decisions concerning the types, and amounts, of coverages that are right for you. These coverages will be integrated with other asset protection strategies to provide a comprehensive level of protection.

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