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Education Planning

For many people, financing their children's education is both a dream and a nightmare. They dream of being able to send their kids to any school, regardless of the price, but deep down they know that the fees for tuition, room and board are growing faster than inflation. How do people manage to finance a higher education without having to sacrifice their own financial security?

Through planning.

Progressive's experienced advisors can help you develop and implement an education planning strategy. By carefully and thoroughly reviewing your goals and financial situation, they will find a plan that works for you. Steps we will take include:

Step 1 - Considering factors such as private or public schools, four or five-year programs, undergraduate and/or post graduate fees as well.

Step 2 - Calculating what your financial liability is likely to be and when the funds will need to become available.

Step 3 - Evaluating and discussing with you savings and investment opportunities such as Education IRAs, scholarships, loans, pre-paid tuition plans, employee-paid tuition plans, gifting strategies, custodial accounts and 529 plans.

Step 4 - Developing a savings and investment strategy that will enable you to meet your goals.

Step 5 - Integrating your education planning with your other financial plans to make certain all your money is working together in an effective and efficient manner.

It is never too early or too late to begin planning for your child's education.

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