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Death and taxes, the two things in life we are told we can never avoid. While passing away is inevitable, taxes at least can be minimized. It is easy to understand why so many people fail to take advantage of all the tax savings opportunities available, especially with the tax laws changing every year. But most people, even those who file simple returns, can benefit from tax planning strategies.

Tax planning should not be seasonal. Tax savings opportunities exist throughout the year and often cannot be put off until December 31st or April 15th. For instance, life-changing events such as job promotions, marriages, births, divorce, death, and fluctuations in the stock market can affect your finances and tax consequences significantly.

Wouldn't you rather put your hard-earned money back to work for you, not Uncle Sam? We can help. Our Certified Financial Planner Practitioners are experienced at developing and implementing ethical tax savings strategies that can save you both money and headaches. We make income tax planning fit into your overall financial plan by helping you develop a comprehensive strategy that works in conjunction with your investment, retirement and other financial goals.

<p>Tax Deductions You Won't Believe</p>

Tax Deductions You Won't Believe

Here are some examples of deductions from the IRS that were permitted and some that were, uh, too creative.
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<p>Comparing Investments</p>

Comparing Investments

This calculator compares the net gain of a taxable investment versus a tax-favored one.
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